Vision : A leading company

Keumkang B&F, which has emerged as Korea's No. 1 exporting item for aloe drinks, is taking the pioneering spirit of pioneering new areas as a growth engine of the company.

Mission : New product development

Keumkang B&F is rapidly commercializing new ideas with the idea of ​​breaking the frame and the unprecedented propulsion. When market research through direct visits and information gathered through various acquisitions lead to new product ideas, we are launching new items with no hesitation-free facility investment for productization and rapid raw material acquisition.

Core Value : Win-win, Partnership

With more than 20 years of know-how, we are proposing more favorable items to our customers and distribution methods to match market conditions. We do not make a profit once, and the partnership that we made once is win-win, and we aim for continuous mutual growth.