CEO greetings

Message from CEO

Greeting! Welcome to the new homepage of keumkang B&F.
Since Keumkang B&F was founded in 1993 we have been leading the Korean beverage market by various new items and advanced products with the automated equipment and the accumulated technology.
We at Keumkang B&F have put on over 150 item and new beverages to the market so far. Especially putting more power into health and functional beverages. At the same time we have been introducing character beverage and New Bottle can to the market to expand and nurture the Korean market. Up to now Keumkang B&F have been exporting our beverage to the world market such as the US, Canada, Iran, Australia, China, Mongolia,South East Asia, Europe and Furthermore. We are attending global exhibitions average 20 times annually to find more buyers and develop new market.
In the future we will try to offer superior quality product to market and read global trend in advance. We hope to be able to introduce more new development products to you as an innovator of beverage industry. Moreover, we will put more effort on globalizing our business to the world market by focusing on the quality of our product.
Thank You.